Minister of Economy Message


Since 1970, the Omani government has shown great interest and focus on achieving the economic development in the Sultanate. The efforts paid well and were reflected in the improvement of economic indicators and the steady strides made by Oman in various walks of life. What is impressing in the Omani economic development is that it has never been on the expense of social development. In other words, Oman has made the right balance between the social and economic development and this balance is a core pillar of the sustainable development philosophy in the Sultanate of Oman.

It gives us pleasure to welcome you at the Ministry of Economy’s website, which highlights the Ministry’s plans, programs and projects, as outlined by the Royal Decree No 94/2020, establishing the Ministry, defining its prerogatives and approving its organizational chart. We hope that this website would serve as a communication channel between the Ministry and beneficiaries of its services. The website has been designed to ensure providing accurate data about the economic efforts made in the Sultanate in a very transparent manner.

While the Ministry plays a key role in proposing the economic policies, program, the procedures for implementing the same, evaluating the performance of the economic sectors, analyzing the regional and international economic variables and the effect of the same on its economic policies and programs, it has still another important duty as the Sultanate moves towards the implementation of Oman Vision 2040. This duty is to approve the five-year development plans along with their financial allocations in addition to follow up the implementation of economic policies, programs and activities.

The Ministry also plays an important role in monitoring the implementation of the economic policies, plans and programs to ensure achieving the prospective socioeconomic development. The Ministry will also add value to the efforts made by the different sectors and stakeholders to enhance the Sultanate’s competitiveness in various fields.

At the end, I hope this website would serve as an ideal platform for all individuals and enterprises interested in economic affairs in the Sultanate by providing them with accurate data, information and news about the efforts made by the Ministry and other sectors under its supervision.

Dr. Said Mohammed Al Saqri

Minister of Economy